Phenyl (Floor sanitizer) Manufacturing Business

Phenyl (Floor Sanitizer) Manufacturing Business

Phenyl (Floor sanitizer) Manufacturing Business start-up idea. Cost, process, requirement, raw material, startup process.
Phenyl (Floor Sanitizer)

Phenyl (Floor Sanitizer) Manufacturing Business

       Phenyl is a commodity that is required in almost every household, due to which the demand for phenyl is always in the market, so this product is easily sold. Let us know where are the requirements of phenyl?

Utility of phenyl: 

1- In home use: - In homes, phenyl is most commonly used in the toilet as anti-bacterial, in addition to spraying light phenyl with water after washing the floor. Apart from this, a small amount of phenyl is dropped from time to time by the women of the house at the mouth of the sump made in the bathroom of the house, which does not cause deodorant from the drains as well as the drains are also disinfected, thus preventing many kinds of diseases. It can be done spontaneously and life can be kept healthy.

2- In the field of medicine: - Phenyl is essentially used in all hospitals of the country. It is often seen that while cleaning in hospitals and hospitals (especially at regular intervals by the cleaning workers in the urinals), phenyl is used continuously and some germs of phenyl are not used continuously for this purpose. . People also use a small amount of phenyl after cleaning in the shops, due to which the environment of the shop is pollution free.

3- In the field of veterinary medicine: - By spraying phenyl in the place where the animal has died, other animals are saved from suffering from throat disease, apart from when the animals get scratched in the day. After washing the wound thrice with phenyl, the wound heals quickly and phenyl is used as a pesticide to keep the animal habitat clean. In a dairy cattle animal, when there is a thigh disease (a hole is formed in the chest of the animal and becomes a wound by forming a knot), the phenyl is required to keep the cowshed regularly clean.

4- In the laboratory of government and non-government school colleges: -Final plays an important role in keeping the sanitation system in government and non-government schools, the reason is that the schools are public places where large number of people use toilets. And use diuretics. In the absence of cleanliness, students and students may suffer from many types of diseases, including some fatal diseases, in which case the usefulness of phenyl is felt very much because phenyl is a pesticide solution which is easily and Can be used in a convenient way at a cheap price.
In addition, under chemistry, it is used by students to make other organic compounds with the help of phenyl in the laboratory, as well as phenyl is used in the drains and toilets of school colleges. Chemical formula of phenyl is C6H5OH.

5- pesticide:- In the form of pesticide in villages, countryside, cities and towns: - Before the use of wiping on the floor is done by educated and aware women in the house, two lids of phenyl are wiped in the water, so that the young children of those houses have many types. Are safe from diseases, as well as the environment of the room becomes pollution free.

Method for making phenyl:

                 For this, you have to buy only one litre of concentrated phenyl from the market (search on Google, you will find thousands of companies that make concentrated phenyl). This one litre concentrate is prepared by adding 13 litre of water. This is followed by a convenient and safe medium (such as a large vessel), in which the phenyl can be very easily stirred. Your phenyl is ready in a short time, after which one litre and 500 ml can be packed in plastic or glass bottle and can be sold quickly in the market with great ease. On the bottle, you can get your company branding, i.e. according to your company name, so that your company can be identified in the market and people can gradually connect with you with affinity. You can also start this business at least in capital.

Investment Required for Phenyl Manufacturing business:

      The business of making phenyl can be started with very little capital. This business can be easily prepared at your home. Investment required for Phenyl Manufacturing Business is just 10000 INR   ($ 150).

Profit Analysis of Phenyl Manufacturing business:

Cost and expenses for just Rs 10000 (approx. 200$)
One litre concentrated phenyl = Rs 100, manufacture = 13 litres i.e. 13 bottle phenyl
Market price of one litre phenyl = Rs 40, then the price of 13 bottles will be Rs 520.
Packing cost Rs 5 per bottle = Rs 65
Other cost Rs 20
Total expense = Rs. 200 Approx. Total profit 520 - 200 = Rs. 320

    You can earn more then 50 % on cost after starting this business. After starting the business of phenyl and after getting the information about it in the market, by taking the similar products like toilet cleaner, hand wash liquid, manufacturing and packing of multi-cleaner, the business has been progressively raised above the primary level. With this, new heights of success can be achieved. First, starting this business with your small capital can be converted into big capital by patience and hard work. Its direct benefit will be that as you get success, your enthusiasm will also increase and your control over business will always remain.

Legal Requirements related to Manufacturing of Phenyl:

      Before starting any business, intelligent people understand all the legal procedures related to that business properly and carry it out, which does not create any problem while starting the business or moving the business forward. For this, it is necessary that you complete all the following legal procedures before starting this business.  First of all, get your business registered in the industry base. Along with this, get registered in Goods and Services Tax (GST) also so that all the tax related problems can be avoided. To start this business, company/firm registration, brand registration, trade mark registration, current bank account are required.

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