Hand Wash Manufacturing Business

Hand Wash Manufacturing Business - small and unique business startup for women.

Hand Wash Manufacturing Business - small and unique business startup for women entrepreneurs
Hand Wash Manufacturing Business 

Hand Wash Manufacturing Business - small and unique business startup

Friends, today we will discuss about the creation of hand wash in detail through this article. like-
·         Which of the following items can be used to create a hand wash?
·         How much cost to manufacture it?
·         In how many places can the hand wash business be started successfully?
·         What is its manufacturing process?
·         What legal requirements are required to be fulfilled?
·         How and how much profit can a person make in this type of business?
·         How is the packing of hand wash made?

    You should seriously read this article carefully to know all the necessary steps to take the manufactured hand wash in the market and what are the necessary steps for the sale.

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The usefulness of hand wash will never end

  Hand wash is a household appliance whose use and use cannot be reduced except day by day. The reason for this is that with the passage of time, the population is continuously increasing, as a result of which the number of hand wash consumers is also increasing. People after the retirement of deeds etc. use handwash in place of soap to clean the hands much better. The use of handwash is considered safer and more convenient than soap. Use of handwash plays an important role in preventing infection.
   Nowadays, handwash is used in almost every house, the reason is that it is easily available in local markets, is available for less money and it is very easy and convenient to use. Not only this, in large metros, railway stations, bus stations, hospitals and community toilets built in public places, hand wash is an important resource for people to clean their hands. One of the reasons for its popularity is that the process of its use is so smooth that a normally educated person or unread person or women can use it without difficulty.

Materials required for hand wash manufacture (raw material)

The following essential materials are required in hand wash manufacturing. (To make one litre of hand wash)
  1.  850 grams of water
  2.  little colour
  3.  50 grams of Aceless (sodium laurel Sulphate)
  4.  2 grams of perfume
  5.  20 grams of CLP
  6.  20 grams CD liquid
  7.  Colour and Salt
  8.  Plastic Bucket

Fund required to start this business:

      This is a business that can be started easily for just five thousand to ten thousand rupees.

How and where to buy raw materials?

        All the above mentioned materials are easily available in the local markets from where you can easily purchase them. Apart from this, by searching in Google, online shopping can be done very easily.

Process and method of hand wash manufacture: -

      If we talk about the amount of one litre of hand wash, then for this we need 850 grams of water. Put this water in a wide mouth plastic bucket, after which we put 50 grams of Aceless in it i.e. 50 grams of sodium laurel sulphate. Now mix 2 grams of perfume under this mixture so that the handwash produced can become fragrant. Now to mix the mixture made of Esselace and perfume in water, either take the help of a mixer machine or mix it with the help of a wooden stick. After this, 20 grams of CLP is added to the prepared mixture. Then mix 20 grams of CD liquid in this mixture. To make the prepared solution colourful, add a little colour according to your preference and mix it thoroughly by mixing with a mixer machine or wooden stick to mix the colour well in water. Add a little salt to the prepared mixture and add it so that the slurry of the solution is prepared in the best way. Till the solution becomes thick, keep adding little bit of salt inside the solution by hand. During the pouring also keep checking whether the solution is thick or not. When the batter is ready and thickens in it, then leave the solution for eight hours. After eight hours, your handwash is ready for using, for packing and for sale in the market.
      Starts the process of packing the finished hand wash solution in 100ml, 200ml or 500ml empty containers. If you wish, you can get hand wash boxes with branding of your name, just for this, you will have to contact the companies that prepare the box in advance and give it prior notice.

Legal process and choice of place: -

   Before starting any business hire a consultant to completes all the legal procedures related to that business so that any inconvenience can be avoided when starting a business. For this, it is necessary to get your business registered in the industry base. Its registration is online and is free. Along with this, get registered in Goods and Services Tax (GST) as well.
Be sure to get a firm receipt for your business name.

  To start handwash business, you can choose small or big room or hall according to your ability, then in order to expand the business as needed.

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