Stationery and Book Shop/Store Business

Stationery and Book Shop/Store Business - Start-up Idea

Stationery and Book Shop/Store Business - Start-up Idea , www.ultimategrowup.com
Stationery and Book Shop/Store Business 

Stationery and Book Shop/Store Business

       Friends, the field of education is very wide and education is developing day by day. With this, if you do any work, you will need things like a book or a pen, pencil, rubber, scale, chart, copy, whitener and marker. A student knows the need of these things very well. In such a situation, you go to the stationery shop to buy these things. These things are needed in every household and you will be well aware of this. Pen, pencil and notebook are useful for almost everyone. If you are thinking of starting a business, then you can earn a lot of money by opening one of your books and stationery shops.

      As we all know, we mean stationery mostly used for writing and other office equipment. Such as pens, pencils, rubber, scale, envelopes, etc. That is to say, whatever equipment is used by hands with the help of writing process or by any machine like printer/computer etc., the item used in it comes in the stationery item itself. For example: If a person wants to write through hands, he may need a letter pad and a pen. Letter pad and pen are components of General Stationery. Apart from this, if the person wants to print out this article through the printer, then the ink or Cartridge Printing Stationery installed in the printer are components. The general meaning of the Book Store is that a shop where books are found and hence Stationery and Book Store means a place where the tools and books used for writing can be easily purchased.

How to start a stationery shop and book store business

     Opening stationery shop not only in India but all over the world is a very profitable business, because its demand always remains in the market. The demand for most stationery remains in schools, colleges and offices, which are never going to be closed. Meaning your business will always run and you will continue to earn money. Just as the business of notebook manufacturing is very simple, similarly it is good to open the stationery store business.

Stationery and Book Shop/Store Business - Start-up Idea , www.ultimategrowup.com
Book Store

Open Stationery and Book Store

     To start a stationery and book store, an entrepreneur has to go through various processes.

A good plan -

      Whatever business it is, how quickly it will succeed depends largely on how it starts, and a good start depends on a good plan, so before starting the business of books and stationery, a few things Make a plan for example, for which students you will keep books etc. in the stationery shop because when you start business, you will have a very large student's presence in front of you. It may be that you can keep books for all the students, or you will keep books for the students of a particular class. You will have to decide in advance, as well as what items you want to keep in books and stationery. It is also important to prepare a list, so that you can use your money properly.

Required Space for Stationery Shop

      Choosing a good place is an important task for any business. Along with how much space will be sufficient, it is also very important. So while choosing a place for your shop, keep some things in mind. To open a stationery shop, you will need some land or room, where you can set up your shop. When you are thinking of opening a stationery shop at a very small level, only then do the work of preparing a shop with the help of wooden furniture.

     If you want, you can also take a room or shop on rent or you can open this shop in the mall too, but the rent here may be higher. Therefore, see your budget and decide which option is better for you.
    You need 500 - 600 square meters for it, in which you will be able to easily manage all the stationery shop items and books. If you want, you can also take up more space according to the level of your business.

Selection of Place or Location.

     To open a stationery and book store, first the interested person will have to choose the location for the store, the entrepreneur can keep this in mind while choosing the location for the store. Talking about the most suitable place for the shop, it is considered to be the most suitable near any office, school, college, educational institutions, government offices or it is beneficial to open a stationery shop even in areas where there are large number of students. Because in these places you get direct customers, which makes you more likely to earn.

     If the store is in a place where companies have offices, then in this case the entrepreneur may have more corporate clients. Apart from this, if the stores are present in a crowded market, then people coming from here all day can be customers of entrepreneurs. Therefore, the entrepreneur should choose a business location that describes all the above three conditions.

Renting a place at the selected location.

     Now if the entrepreneur has selected a location for his stationery and book store, then the next step of the entrepreneur should be to rent a place for his business at that location. Or if the entrepreneur wants, he can also replace himself according to his budget. While renting, the entrepreneur must get a Rent Agreement from Landlord as this address can be used as a certificate in the bank account and tax registration in the name of the business.

Installing Interior Decoration and Furniture.

     It is very important to arrange furniture to open a stationery shop. So there are two ways to get your furniture ready by a carpenter or buy ready-made furniture from the market. If the furniture of your choice is not found, then you design yourself and give it to the carpenter. At the same time, if you have less time, buy ready-made furniture from the market, here too you will get a lot of designs.

     Set up your shop according to your requirements. Because of which your shop will remain more attractive and orderly. Furniture and its design is very important for any stationery and books shop. So when you go for furniture, keep in mind that whatever furniture you are going to use, will it meet all the needs of your shop.

Stationery Items List for Sale

     In the stationery shop, especially pens, books, notebooks, staplers, calculators, pencils and similar items useful in studies are sold. But nowadays people who keep stationery shop have started keeping greeting cards, wedding cards, and gift cards too. Simply put in the stationery shop, you can also keep small things for people to use.

Stationery and Book Shop/Store Business - Start-up Idea , www.ultimategrowup.com
Stationery items

Types of stationery:

    Here we would like to tell you that Stationery Items can be divided into three main parts based on their usage. Whose brief description is given as follows. Stationery Items can be mainly divided into three parts based on their usage.

1. General Stationery Items:

    By general stationery items we mean stationery items that are used in general use. These mainly include pens, pencils, erasers, envelopes, notepads etc.

2. Printing Stationery Items:

     Printing stationery items are used for printing, i.e. printing operations. This includes Paper, Bond Paper, Printer Cartridge, Printer Ink etc.

3. Computer Stationery Items:

     By computer stationery items we mean stationery items that are used in computers. These mainly include CD, DVD, Pen drive, Mouse Pad etc.

Finalizing the Stationery List for Your Store:

      The entrepreneur should take special care that there are many small and big products in Stationery Items but not every product is sold equally everywhere, which product can sell more in which place. It all depends on the choice of business location and target customers. Therefore, the entrepreneur will have to finalize the stationery list for his stationery and book store only after checking his business location and habits of target customers.

Stationery and Book Shop/Store Business - Start-up Idea , www.ultimategrowup.com
Paper Clips

     If the entrepreneur wants, then he can get information from entrepreneurs already doing this type of business in that area. You can keep all the items related to studies in your stationery shop. Pen, pencil, copy, book, calculator, scale, rubber, dreamer, white board, adhesive, glue, cello tape, book cover, marker, highlighter, sketch colour, cutter, thermocol sheet, chart etc. Can be kept in stationery shop. With this, you can sell books of every category in your shop. Like- Books of every class and books related to competition etc. You can keep all kinds of books related to any course. Apart from this, many good books of any famous author are being kept nowadays, so you too can do it. Along with this, greeting cards are also kept for wishing for marriage, birthday, new year etc.

Stationery Suppliers to Buy Stationery Items

     Items sold in the stationery shop can be purchased both online and offline, but keep in mind that you can benefit greatly if you contact the company that makes pens, pencils, books or other stationery items directly. At the same time, if you want to get stationery goods sold online, you can contact the online wholesaler. The biggest advantage of shopping directly with a wholesaler is that you can easily get stationery items at a very low price.

    Now, if the list of stationery for his shop has been finalized by the entrepreneur doing the Stationery Shop Business, then the next step of the entrepreneur should be to find a supplier who supplies well in that area. If the entrepreneur does not have the contact number of any supplier etc. located in that area, then he can find out from the stationery shops operating earlier in that area which supplier's goods are delivered to them. Keep in mind that the entrepreneur has to choose a supplier whose service is excellent in that area and he is providing stationery items at reasonable prices.

Buying stationery items:

    After finding the stationery supplier, the entrepreneur should purchase the goods based on the finalized stationery list he has completed. Keep in mind that in the initial stages, the entrepreneur should buy less and keep evaluating the needs of the people. In a few days, the entrepreneur doing the Stationery Shop Business will find out which stationery items people are buying more in that particular area. After that the entrepreneur will have to take special care that the high-selling items never end in the entrepreneur's shop. And do not order any item that has not been sold for years. It will all depend on the management skills of the entrepreneur.

      As far as the goods are concerned, you can easily buy them from their wholesale seller, there is another medium, that is, you will find some websites online that will be available only if you order all these goods online, if you increase your profits. You should directly contact the company that makes the same, after that you can pick up your goods directly from that company, it is very beneficial for you.

License, Registration and Legal Requirements related to Business.

       If the land on which the shop is built is yours, then its documents should be complete. If you have taken the shop on rent, then it is necessary to have a letter of agreement between you and the owner of the shop or land. If seen in the beginning, there is no need for any special license and registration to do such a business at a small level in the initial phase. But local rules can also be different, so it is advisable to inform the entrepreneur about this to local bodies such as Municipal Corporation or concerned authority etc. Apart from this, if the entrepreneur wants to deal with a corporate client, then he may also need to do business registration, open a current bank account in the name of the shop etc.

Benefits and Profit

     The profit from this business depends on two things. If you are selling more of your branded goods to your customers, the profit you get is limited to 15-25% because the branded companies already add your margin to the same. After that you tell the price of your product to customers through Ad, because of this you cannot sell those products for more than a certain price. The same when you sell any unbranded goods, you can easily get a profit of 50- 55% on it. So your entire income depends on what kind of goods you are selling, after that your products sales depends upon how much you can earn.

     It is easy to earn profits up to 35 percent of the price in doing this business. So friends, today we learned how you can earn a lot of money by opening a stationery shop.

Cost and Investment for this Stationery Store Business

     It is right to charge at least one lakh rupees for opening a stationery shop in India. Other things depends on you how big you want to open a business. The business of opening a stationery shop is a high profit making business with less investment. You can also start by applying above million on a large scale. The expenses of opening a stationery shop can be divided into two parts, one is the investment in stationery furniture etc., the other is the investment in buying goods for stationery shop. Your investment in stationery shop may be more. The reason is that you will also have to make furniture etc. For this, you cannot make any deduction in this investment. After this It is up to you to talk about the investment that does not happen, but it depends on you that how many shops you want to open.


1. To establish your stationery shop in the market, you have to find customers. First you have to promote that you have opened a stationery shop. For this, you can take any of the posters, banners, TV and radio.

2. You can tell the children about your stationery by going to schools and colleges and you can motivate them to get the goods from there. The entrepreneur can go to educational institutions and talk to them. Especially the schools of young children, whose parents are also asked to buy stationery, book and uniforms running in that particular school by schools.

3. First of all, make an impression of your stationery shop. Whatever book or copy you sell, leave the impression or stamp of your shop on it. By doing this, the identity of your shop will be maintained and customers will increase in your shop. One advantage of doing so is that many customers become permanent customers.

4. With this, you can get your shop's pamphlet printed and get it distributed through news paper etc.

5. The most need of stationery goods is in the office, college and schools. So you try to visit their owners themselves and try to convince their owners to buy goods from your shop. If you are successful in doing this, then you will be able to earn a lot of money from here. If the entrepreneur can provide home delivery service to that point then he can also target corporate clients.

6. Also, there are many government and private offices, where the need for paper etc. remains. You can go and meet and talk to any officer there, as well as you can give them any special offer. You can offer that you will reach them on your own stationery items. You can measure many such creative ways, which can make your business grow well.

7. You can also take advantage of the online market where you can open your online bookstore and sell your products there at a good rate.

How to Manage Stationery Shop

  • First of all, you have to make a sheet for day to day work in your shop every day. Which you can fill daily. Not only this, how much business has been done in a day and which items have been sold in more or less quantity. It would also be good to keep an account of them all. By doing this, you will know when there is a shortage of stationery items and you will manage it in advance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • It is very important to determine the price of any stationery product you sell. You will not be able to sell branded goods at its maximum price, but you can also sell unbranded stationery products 2 times or 3 times the price according to you. The direct effect of which will be on the benefits of your shop.                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • In the next step, you will have to prepare a means of taking payment from the customer. For this, you can use Net Banking and E-wallet so that the customer does not have any problem in paying.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • If you do not want to prepare the details of your shop by yourself, then you can take help of any computer software available in the market. Or you can get software from any company or software engineer according to your need.                                                                                                                                                                 
  • It is necessary to have CCTV cameras installed in your shop. So that you can easily keep an eye on employees and thieves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • You should choose a separate room to store the items purchased for your shop. Due to which there will be no shortage of space in your shop and your workers will not have to face any problem in working. Because of which your business will speed up.

Future Market Potential

      India is a country of youth, today it has the largest youth population. Today's youth takes a lot of attention in their education so that they can build a better future. A good education is very important for a better future. This situation has become much more than before. This situation is not only in India but in the whole world there has been a craze towards education, due to the increasing trend of education. Today there is a good market available for the business of books and stationery, today everyone has to struggle hard to get a job. In which a person also studies many books to qualify himself. Today, These increasing needs of students, this business has been brought into the category of a profitable business.

      This is a business whose market is never going to end. The business of books and stationery goes on throughout the year. The biggest feature of this business is that in this business, your customers are everything from children to the elders makes business very beneficial. Along with this, there is a trend towards reading the literature of people, which is a good thing for this business.

Important Tips:

      Presently the need of stationery items is everywhere. Moreover, the present education system has also been developed in such a way that apart from buying a pen, pencil, copy, book etc., a student is required to buy a lot of goods from the Stationery Shop throughout the year. Therefore, just opening the stationery shop and sitting in it and waiting for the customers is not enough to make this business successful. Rather, to make their own Stationery Shop Business a success, the entrepreneur needs to create a marketing strategy and follow it. Some of the key tips to make a stationery shop business a success are as follows.

  • Its location contributes to the success of Stationery Shop. Therefore, select the location for the shop, keeping in mind the above mentioned things.                                                                                                                                                         
  • Visit corporate offices to get corporate clients and try to entice them by offering quotations of reasonable prices.                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • In the initial phase, make some major stationery items as part of your shop and then keep increasing them as per the requirement of the customers.                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Properly manage the stock available in the shop and the items to be ordered, make the list of stationery items based on their sales. That is, give priority to high selling items and do not let it fall short in the shop. However, avoid asking for any item which is not sold.                                                                                                                                                              
  • Appoint a supplier who takes the responsibility of delivering the goods within one to two hours if needed. This increases customer confidence in the Stationery Shop.

Stationery and Book Shop/Store Business - Start-up Idea , www.ultimategrowup.com
Craft Items


    There is a lot of emphasis on education at this time and in the coming times, it will also see an increase in educational level. It is clear that you will continue to earn profit from this business and the demand for it also remains in the market. Above all, there is a good advantage in stationery business. In all ways it is beneficial to run a stationery business or shop. Above all, you can open a stationery shop at the least cost and quickly earn more profit in less time.

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