Wire Nail Manufacturing Business

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Wire Nail Manufacturing Business 

Wire Nail Manufacturing Business Idea 

Wire Nail Manufacturing Business - Small Scale Manufacturing Industry


       An iron nail is an item that is used everywhere, whether it is a work of furniture or building a house or hanging a picture of a deity, hanging a wall clock, cloth hanging pegs, we have a lot of iron I miss the nail. In rural areas, iron nails are used extensively and permanently by people to hang colourful flags on occasions such as weddings or rituals. In the markets, iron nails are used indiscriminately to hang large mirrors at barber shops. Iron nail is a good selling material in the market, and it is used in every corner of the country, there is little chance of damage in this business due to early deterioration. Making iron nails is an easy and simple task. At the same time, there is always demand in the society. The reason for this is that India is a country where the population continues to grow and people continue to build houses for themselves. In such a situation, the reduction in demand for iron nails seems impossible in itself.
       Today, through this article, we will all know how we can start a small business of making iron nails.

Raw Material required for Wire nail manufacturing business:

First of all we talk about the raw material for making iron nail.
      In India, iron wire is made in two places, first - Raipur (Chhattisgarh) and second - Durgapur (West Bengal) and you can purchase it from online at any country. Apart from this, it has wholesalers in every corner of the country and world, which makes the raw material for making iron nails very easily available at a very cheap rate. Apart from this, you can search on Google and buy raw materials online, but if we talk about cheap rates, then we get the cheapest raw materials in Durgapur and Raipur or you can purchase raw material for online at worldwide anywhere.

Legal procedure related to manufacturing of iron wire nails: 

    Manufacturing of Iron Nails Before setting up a small scale industry, careful and aware people fulfill all legal requirements related to that business, so that there will be no problem in future.
     For this it is necessary that before opening the nail factory, you should get the necessary government registration of your business. it is the rule of the government as well as you get the benefit of all those government facilities which are given to any person as an incentive to set up a small scale industries. Such as small scale industry subsidies, bank loans, insurance facilities etc.

The registration of iron nail industry is done in the following manner.

1. Business Registration required by Government.

2. A No Objection Certificate has to be obtained from the municipal authority. After this, you can start your business without any assurance.

How to make wire nail or machinery required for making nails from iron wire:

  We need 3 machines required for manufacturing of wire nails.

1- Wire Nails Making Machine
2- Nails Polish Machine
3- Grinder Machine

         Wire Nails Making Machine is first run on 3 phase power to prepare iron nails. Before starting the machine, one end of the wire is fitted inside the machine, and the machine starts producing nails as soon as the machine is started. This machine makes at least 600 kilograms of iron nails in 1 day. After the nails are built, the nails are inserted inside the nail polish machine to add shine to the nails, and wood sawdust or wood husk is used to polish the nail inside it. This is an easy way to update the texture of the nails. This machine can be used as both manual or automatic at your convenience.

         The grinder machine works to make sharp edge at the upper end of the nail, although it is rarely used, but sometimes it is also necessary. 

Cost and Profit Analysis for Wire Nail Manufacturing Business

      To start this business, loan can be taken from the bank by making a project report and in some states subsidy has also been arranged by the state governments to promote small scale industry. The total cost of nail making machine comes to 5 lakh rupees (10000$ approx.) and raw material is available in the market at the price of 35 to 37 rupees per kg (1$-2$ per kg).

       According to our research: The cost of making 1 kg of nail costs Rs 37 to 39 while its market value is around Rs 47. In this business, a profit of 5 to 9 rupees per kg can be made and income of up to 80 thousand rupees per month can be made easily. You can easily get a profit margin of such business @20% on cost.

      Friends, diligence is the philosopher's stone that has the ability to make gold by touching even iron. What I mean to say is that we can achieve new heights of success in a very short time by patiently starting any work with dedication and sincere dedication. At the same time motivate others to do such tasks. Can give and thus contribute to the development of the nation.

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