Camphor Tablet Manufacturing Business

Camphor Tablet (Kapoor tablet) Manufacturing Business Idea

Camphor Tablet (Kapoor tablet) Manufacturing Business Idea
Camphor Tablet (Kapoor tablet) Manufacturing Business Idea

Camphor Tablet Manufacturing Business Idea

     Hello friends! In this article today, I will tell you how you can do camphor making industry in your village area very easily.

     Friends, you know that camphor is such a thing that is commonly used in every household, in this article today I will tell you what is the cost of the machine required to make camphor? Wherever you can buy it, how much Ra material (raw material) will be used to make it, how much will it cost, how much profit will be made, how will it be sold in the market. Read this article till the last, you will get all this information in today's article.

Use of camphor in day to day life: - Camphor is used in various fields which is as follows.

1- In religious context: - Kapoor is a substance which is used abundantly in almost every Hindu family on occasions of worship, religious rituals, aarti etc. The atmosphere in the house or place where the camphor is burnt is pure and good. It is believed to have much cultural beliefs. It is also believed that burning camphor increases the power to increase the concentration of human beings. Talking about religious recommendations as the basis, Kapoor is very dear to the Gods and Goddesses. The flame emanating from camphor plays an important role in removing the negative forces located nearby, as well as purification of one's soul by the use of camphor, such is popularity. Camphor is used in burning the wood of hawan ritual etc.

2- In the field of medicine: The use of camphor in the field of medicine plays an important role which is as follows-

(A) In tooth related diseases: - Due to decay in the teeth, a hole (khodra) is formed in the middle part of the teeth due to which the gum of the concerned person becomes inflamed, painful pus, etc., which causes great pain to the person. The person suffering from the use of camphor gets a lot of relief. In rural areas, people still cure camphor diseases with camphor.

(B) Arthritis: - A person suffering from arthritis gets camphor mixed with mustard oil and applying it on joints. This is a very common method of home remedies for arthritis.

(C) Ringworm, itching: - After suffering from itching, it is beneficial to mix camphor in coconut oil and apply it, because the nature of camphor is cool, which causes coldness on the skin of a person. It works.

(D) Cut or burn: - In case of injury to any part of the body, bleeding or burning in any way, using camphor at that place is considered very beneficial. This gives instant relief to the person.

(E) In case of tension and headache: - In case of tension and headache, applying the liquid of camphor to the person concerned and applying it on the head helps to relieve tension and headache.

(F) When the ankles are torn: - It is generally seen that when a person's ankles rupture, putting camphor in hot, then keeping the feet in it for a while, gives a lot of relief in the ankles.

(G) On getting hairiness: - To get a diagnosis of hairy hair, apply camphor in coconut oil and apply it to the roots of the hair, due to which the problems related to the patient are diagnosed.

(H) To keep the body fresh: - To keep the body fresh, bathing with a mixture of camphor in water gives a feeling of freshness and wellness in the body.

Method of preparation of camphor:

      For this, you have to first buy Fully Automatic camphor making machine and to make it, one has to buy raw material from the market called Kapoor powder or camphor powder. You can buy this powder online from India Mart or this powder is easily available in the market too. In this machine, a funnel-like place is made for putting powder. The powder is put into the machine through this funnel, you can use your hand or any convenient way to pour the powder. To make camphor in small or big size or thick thin size, the machine has dyes of different sizes. The size of camphor can be changed by changing the dye as per your requirement. After this, the process of making camphor can be started by turning on the power switch of the machine. After the machine starts, from time to time, they keep adding powder to the machine and the camphor continues to form, after which they remove it by hand and take it to the edge. You can easily make camphor made after that by packing it in a box or in plastic. Women can also do this business at home easily. You do not have to take any training to run this machine because it is very easy to operate, even a child can run this machine.

Cost of raw material and machinery for making camphor:

Price of the machine = Rs 55000

Price of one kg powder (raw material) = Rs 300

Machine capacity in one hour = 10 kg

Profit per kg = Rs 50

If you produce 40 kg camphor in a day, you can earn profits in a day up to 40 = 2000 rupees.

Profit per month on single machinery - 2000*25 (working days) = 50000 rupees per month.

Maintenance and maintenance of the machine: -

         The machine is designed in such a way that there is no problem in it. Many people have been operating for ten-ten years, so far no fault has occurred. And yes, if any problem arises, then you can get part of it from supplier.

How to buy machinery and raw material :- 

     You can purchase these machines from there by making contact with the companies that manufacture the above mentioned machines of camphor manufacturing business. In this way you will be able to get machines at cheap and reasonable prices. If you want to start your business on a small scale, you will only need one machine. On the other hand, if you want to open this business on a large scale, then you should have two to five machines. As far as obtaining raw materials is concerned, You can pick up these items from the market, otherwise you can also do online purchases by searching in Google, which will be very favorable.

Legal Requirements related to Manufacturing of Camphor Tablet:

      Before starting any business, intelligent people understand all the legal procedures related to that business properly and carry it out, which does not create any problem while starting the business or moving the business forward. For this, it is necessary that you complete all the following legal procedures before starting this business.  First of all, get your business registered in the industry base. Along with this, get registered in Goods and Services Tax (GST) also so that all the tax related problems can be avoided. To start this business, company/firm registration, brand registration, current bank account are required.

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