Note Book Manufacturing Business

Note Book Manufacturing Business in India

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Note Book Manufacturing Business

Note Book Manufacturing Business in India


We will discuss in this article.

·         What kind of machinery will be required to start this business?
·         What kind of raw material will be required?
·         How much space will be sufficient?
·         How many assistants will be required to run the business?
·         How much will it cost and cost?
·         What legal requirements have to be fulfilled to start a notebook making business?
·         What is the complete procedure and method for making a notebook?

Importance and Requirement of Notebook:

    The utility of notebooks in today's life is the same as that of salt in lentils. No area of ​​life can be operated without a notebook. This is the biggest resource in the field of education, students and students from primary level to higher level continue to use notebooks. Roughing, fairing, making important notes, making non-essential notes, writing theoretical things, writing about your course, writing poems, accounts, newspaper people According to, even when going to market, people need to prepare a list of goods to be purchased in the market, then the need of notebook comes. As the population of India is increasing, the consumption of notebooks is also increasing in the same manner.

Cost and expenses of machinery: -

We need these machines for the business of notebook which is as follows-
1- Pinup Machine
2- Edge squire Machine
3- Cutter Machine.
   The purchase of the machines required to do the business of notebooks comes to about five to six lakhs rupees. Add to this some exemptions, so the expenditure falls in between four and a half to five lakhs. All these machines can be operated very easily by domestic electricity. But it is our suggestion that not by purchasing machines by phone, but directly by interested people go to the companies themselves and see the outline of the entire machinery. Talk to the people responsible for it and then purchase the machines. This is the right way. With this, not only will you get to know a lot about machinery, but you will also learn how to operate those machines which will do a training for you.
Cost and expenses of raw materials: -
To start a notebook business, as we all know, for this we need raw materials which are made in the form of cover sheets and paper mattresses in local markets or by searching on Google for making paper and cover sheets through internet Online purchasing can be done directly from the companies that do it, which seems very cheap and profitable.

Method and Procedure for notebook manufacturing:

     First of all, inside the cover sheet, we neatly organize the paper pages and with the help of the pinup machine pin the cover sheets along the pages at a specified distance, then the paper mattresses with the pinned cover sheet edge With the help of a square machine, they give a square shape so that it looks like a notebook in view. The cutters then cut the notebooks prepared with the help of machine in three ways in such a way that the notebooks take a fixed shape. By packing the finished notebook, it can be lowered to sell in the local markets and in the wholesale price competition, one can easily earn one to two to two rupees profit per notebook. If you want, you can make a cover sheet with your name by contacting the companies that make the cover sheet directly.

Note Book Factory Registration and Legal Process:

    Before starting any business, a wise person thoroughly completes all the legal procedures related to that business so that any inconvenience can be avoided when starting a business. For this, it is necessary to get your business registered in the industry base. Its registration is online and is free. Along with this, get registered in Goods and Services Tax (GST) as well. According to your ability to start a notebook business, you can choose a small or big room or hall, then in order to increase the business as needed, the size of the place keeps increasing in the same proportion.

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