Pen Making/Manufacturing Business

Pen Making/Manufacturing Business

Pen manufacturing or making business start up idea
Pen Manufacturing Business

Pen Making/Manufacturing Business Idea

       Friends, pen is a running item and it is used everywhere in the village, city, street, locality, there is no possibility of loss in this business. 

Let us know about pen utility and need: 

      When the pen starts speaking, the mouths of the big speakers are closed, the tongue gets locked, the ground slips from under the feet, the senses are lost, the sweat is left, the heart gets in the mouth. , ohhh …………. Don't worry, this is not the dialogue of any film, you are getting familiar with the power of the pen lying in your pocket.
       Today, no section of the society, whether a nursery scholar, a college student, a university student, a researcher, a teacher who teaches the future of children, a professor who lectures in a university, youth who decides the political direction of the country. Be a politician, be a life-saving doctor like a god, engineer to build big pools and buildings, a judge who decided the lawyer which breath will be in or be out looking even in India or USA or any country, Vice President, Prime Minister are in everyone's hands, it is the pen as graceful.
         On the other hand shoe stitching cobbler, body-covered tailor, coriander-seller at groceries, wood-carpenter carpenters, all of them using pens Are not deprived of.
          Just as a person wears a watch in his hand to look the time, the pen is also kept with him in today's life. It creates an unique identity of an educated human in a society. Sometimes when we do not have a pen for some work, there is such a thing as respect. Many people say that they are not educated and do not keep pens nearby. It is everything for a poet and writer.
          A pen is a tool that is used in every corner of the world, whether in the village or the city, it is used everywhere. The pen is a daily-used item, hence its demand is always constant in the market.
       You must have seen that pens are also used to book accounts. Even though machines are available today, older people and many people still use pens today.

       Pen manufacturing is a business that you can do even from home. As well as women, they can do this business easily. In today's post, I will share you a complete information regarding starting of pen manufacturing business from beginning to end. So now we will know how you can start this business of making pens.

Raw Material for Manufacturing Pens

we need the following raw materials, which are in order -

1- Ink
2- Pen Tip
3- Pen barrel
4-  Pen adapter
5- Pen Cap

Pen Manufacturing Machines

1- Ink filling machine
2- Pressing machine
3- Pen extracting machine (air compressor machine)

      These machines do not work with electricity, so you do not need electricity connection. You will get these three machines together. You can buy these three machines from India Mart or your nearest market for only 30 or 40 thousand rupees.

     You can also start this business from a small room as the size of the room changes as you continue to grow this business. One day it will also come that due to your hard work and patience, that small room will be transformed into a big company.

Where to buy Raw Material:

       The resources available for making pens are also available in local markets or you can search for them online by searching in Google and if you want to brand your company or your business on the barrel, then give your information to the barrel businessman and get your branding done on the barrel Can.

        Always buy good quality of raw materials. You can get Raw material cheaply from big companies making pens. Do not make pens one by one, it will waste your time.

Method of Pen Making: Pen Manufacturing Procedure 

  1. In the process of making a pen, first of all, the adapter is held by hand and placed in the press machine and it is locked by the press machine so that it cannot move and stays in its place properly. After this, place the barrel on the adapter and press it through the press machine, as well as make sure that the adapter is properly set in its place in the barrel.
  2. After this, the adapters bring the barrel to the ink filling machine and fill the ink with care by placing it on the ink filling place when it is decided that we have filled the prescribed amount of ink inside the barrel. Close the mouth of the barrel by placing the finger of the hand over the mouth so that the external air cannot enter inside the barrel, otherwise the ink will drip from the barrel when the air enters the barrel.
  3. After this, the ink filled barrel is placed on the adapter's mouth on the tip already in wooden or plastic mould and the tip is properly applied to the adapter by the slight pressure of the hands. At the same time, it is also look whether the tip has been entered in the adapter correctly.
  4. After this, to remove whatever air is left inside the ink filled barrel, we place the barrel in the prescribed mines made in the air compressor machine in such a way that the tip portion goes into the machine and the other part of the barrel The tip should be outward. After this, we rotate the machine like a pulley so that all the air remaining inside the barrel gets out so that there is no possibility of ink coming out of the pen.
  5. The air compressor machine consists of several boxes in which you can take out the air from more than one pen by placing the pen in different mines as per your requirement.

Now your pen is ready to become sell. It is packed with a cap.

How to package a pen

   Prepare packets that look attractive while packing. This means, at the cost of five pens, put one more pen in a packet as an offer or free along with five. This will attract customers to your brand. Generally 5 or 10 piece packets can be made to sell pens. You can also sell it as per brand or market demand.

How to sell and promote pens

  Your product is a product that can be sold anywhere. It does not have a single circular area. It is a product, which become used by all. First of all you have to promote and advertise your product (pen).

  • You can give your pen ads in newspapers or print media etc.
  • You can sell your product in large quantity to the wholesaler with some attractive offers.
  • Not only this, you sell your product at every stationery shops or grocery stores in your city or nearby. Keep a good network with those shopkeepers.
  • Apart from this, by contacting the respective establishments in the markets, you can earn good income by making them aware of the usefulness of your pen.
  • Not only this, try to sell your product at the shops near the school too. For the sale and advertisement of the manufactured pen, you can go to your local school, colleges, workplaces and successfully sell it by telling about its quality.
  • An opportunity may come to you and that is that many companies gift pens etc. with their products, for which you can get an order.
  • You can contact companies with many products and tell them that they can promote your product along with their product, which will increase the sales of your product as well.


These precautions have to be taken care of-

  In operating this business, you have to keep many things in mind. Many times the ink freezes due to changes in the weather, for which a heater is mandatory to be placed with the machine. With this heater you should correct the ink, only then you should fill the ink in the barrel. Attach the adapter and the tip carefully because sometimes, there are more chances of them getting spoiled. Regular cleaning of machines should be done from time to time. You do not shy away from working because if you work hard, only then your business will be able to run.

     Inks always buy only of the quality, because many companies get their ink in less litres in less money and many people buy it due to greediness. After filling the ink in the pen, do not forget to remove the air from it. If you forget to remove the air from the inside of the pen, the clothes of whoever buys your pen can be damaged by ink. You must have seen that sometimes the ink gets out of the pen, which causes the clothes or paper to deteriorate. This work has to be done in one place and in this you have to take care of your health as well. For this, you kept moving the eyes always flicker because sometimes we get so engrossed in working that we forget to blink the eyes, so that by drying the eyes we see less slowly. You do not required to register for this industry because it is a small level of work.

     If you want to take it to a big level, then remember to register it. For this, you have to make a plan and walk. Once at the beginning, you should make 70 or 80 pen adapter feet. After that you fill the ink of 30 to 40 pens together, but do not fill in much quantity because the ink can come out.

     After that, put a pen in all the moulds that are made and keep them out of the pen for air. By doing such work, you will be able to make more and more pens and you will not be bored. There is boredom in such works, for which you can entertain yourself by listening to music etc. and work together. Doing so changes your mindset and ability to do your work. Music motivates you to do such work with more capacity, so that you will be able to work better. If you want to print your product by putting a name on your pen, then you also have to buy a machine for it. Very few people do this, but if you have to print a name, then you buy a machine. 

So friends, today we have learned how we can start the business of manufacturing pens right from home.

Pen Making Business Registration

          Start the business first and register your brand once the business starts running at a fast pace. You can register your business under Partnership firm, sole proprietorship firm or Company. It is also necessary to have a current bank account and PAN card in the name of the company. It does not require a 'Pollution Control Board' license. This is very important for starting a big business.

Note: - Please consult any professional before doing any business listed in this website. Every business have certain risks. Website is not responsible for any business listed on website and risks to the viewers. Such information is provided for information purpose only.