Slipper Making Business

Slipper Making Business - An Ultimate Startup Idea

Slipper Manufacturing/Making Business

               Every person uses slippers, whether it is rich or poor, that is why its demand always remains in the market. Its design changes are made over time. Like nowadays printed slippers are sold a lot in the market. Air slippers are cheaper than other slippers and the cost of making them is also less. The industry of making air slippers can be done everywhere, because the air slippers are used in both the villages and cities. The business of slippers is a business that can make a person earn maximum income in a very short time, at a low cost. At the same time, the loss in this business is equal. By starting this business, a person can become self-reliant on his own feet and can also earn a living by connecting other people with this business, the airplane is a business that has been in demand since time immemorial. In this blog I will give you all the information about the industry of slippers such as: the machines and materials used in it. Information about where to get machine and material as well as the cost incurred in making slippers. You will get all the information in this article. Read this article carefully to start the business of slippers, to make profits from it and to touch new heights of success.

Need and utility of slippers in society: -

        The slipper is a household resource that is used at all times by every member in every household. Children, old women, all are loved by all of its services. Wearing it where the person has convenience and convenience as well as its use is comfortable and easy. The reason for this is that it is easily obtained at a very low cost, is durable and can be used anywhere at any time. The fact about it is very popular among people that if not less than gold and lost, there is no sorrow. Any section of the society, whether it is rich, poor, jamming driver, shopkeeper, vegetable seller, there are women running around in the house, even in some houses to go to the toilet separately Slippers are kept. In the rural areas, people use large number of aerial clippers while going to the farms to monitor in the morning. Wearing slippers also has the advantage that it is very effective when washing hands and feet. Overall, we will find that the business of slippers is very useful from the point of view of profit and consumption, because it continues to be consumed in more quantity than it is produced.

Raw material and necessary machinery for making air slippers

      We need the following resources to manufacture slippers:- Following types of raw material are used to make slippers.
  1. Rubber Sole Sheet for making slippers: 18 slippers can be made in 1 sheet.
  2. Straps - which are applied on three holes above the sandal. we can say that 30 to 50% of profits can be made in the slipper industry.
  3. Polythene for sandal packing
  4. Thick paper cans for packing,
  5. Paint for colouring.

Note: This business idea is made from education purpose only, the rate is based on estimate. Price become varies from country to country or time to time.

Equipment used in the slippers industry

Slipper sole cutting machine:- 

    This machine is easily available in the market and this machine is available at a cost of about 1 lakh rupees ($14000), this machine cuts the rubber seat according to the size of die. This machine can be used to make any kind of slipper. Also, this machine can be run on one phase or 3 phase power.

Grinding Machine

   With the help of grinding machine, the deaf parts of the cut sole are lightly flattened and leveled, this gives a good look to the sandal. This machine can also be run on 3 phase or 1 phase domestic electricity. The speed of this machine is around 6 thousand to 8 thousand or 100 - 150$ approx. in USD.

Screen Printing

   With the help of screen printing, you can engrave the design on the top of the sole as you like, it is up to you to use it or not. And it costs around 2 thousand rupees or 30-50$ approx in USD.

Drill machine

   The drill machine is used to make a hole for the strap on the slipper, to make you aware that when you cut the shoal, the die 3 in it only makes a small hole, later on the drill machine With these holes the holes are enlarged in which we can put a strap of sandal. the cost of this machine is around 14 thousand rupees in INR ( 2000$ approx.).

Strap Machine

   Strap machine is a manual machine, due to which the strap is put on the sole, the cost of this machine is around 5 thousand rupees (100-200$ approx. in USD).

Die - Die machine

    The work of DIE is done to cut the shoal, it comes in different sizes, due to this, the size of the sandal is cut, its price comes from 400 to 620 rupees or 20$ approx. in USD.

Note: This business idea is made from education purpose only, the rate is based on estimate. Price become varies from country to country or time to time.

Method and procedure for making slippers:

     In the process of making slippers, we first of all lift the rubber sheet carefully and place it on the bottom of the bottom of the cutter machine in such a way that the rubber sole remains at least towards the outer edge. First of all, the rubber seat is cut according to the size of the machine, the number of sizes where the sol is required is taken by taking a dye of that number and applying it on the rubber sheet by hand and moving the machine to the feet. They keep on harvesting the soles of desired size by pressing. Rubber sole cutter machine is a machine that can be easily operated by domestic electricity. The activity requires one stage or three stage power. It can be used easily as per its convenience and capacity.

         The grinders are taken to the machine to lubricate the rough edges of the chopped rubber sole and after carefully watching the rubber sole, rub it lightly on the grinder machine in such a way that the sole is smooth all round, after which the screen for painting of colour, the slippers Printers take the help of the machine, for this, placing the smooth rubber sole under the screen printer and dropping the paint from the top, gives the required colour. Screen printing is discretionary. After this, the paint-dyed cutting rubber leaves the sole to dry for a while. In order to dry the sunlight does not take full care of it so that the brightness of the colours is not likely to fade. The fan air or shade is better for drying.

      Then with the help of a drill machine, the rubber soles are reversed at the designated places and are drilled by the drill machine, making 3 holes in it and carrying the strip trapping machine, the strip trapping is done with great care and diligence. A strip trapping machine is a manual machine that does not require any electricity to operate. 
      Know Its packaging is sent for sale in the market.

Cost and expenses

Cost and expenses of machinery: -

     Among the machines that are required to do the business of slippers, the most valuable machine is the rubber sole cutter machine, which costs about one lakh ten thousand rupees ($15000) and other machinery can be purchased for forty to fifty thousand rupees INR or $10000 approx in USD.

Cost and expenses of raw materials: -

      To start the business of slippers as we all know that for this we need raw materials which are made in the form of rubber sole sheets in local markets or by searching on Google through internet companies manufacturing rubber soles. Shopping can be done directly online, which seems to be very cheap and profitable. If we buy all kinds of raw materials for about fifty thousand rupees in total, then the total cost of all machinery and raw materials is around two lakh rupees or 3000$ approx in USD, which is enough to start this business.

Profit Margin:

          You can easily get 40% - 50% on cost based on estimation.

Legal process and choice of place: -

         Before starting any business, a wise person thoroughly completes all the legal procedures related to that business so that any inconvenience can be avoided when starting a business. Before starting any business, we should get its registration done so that future problems can be avoided and according to government regulations, it is mandatory to get it registered before doing any business.

        For this, it is necessary to get your business registered in the industry base. Its registration is online and is free. Along with this, get registered in Goods and Services Tax (GST) or commercial tax law as well.
         Be sure to get a firm receipt for your business name.
         To start a sandal business, you can choose a small or big room or hall. according to your ability, then in order to expand the business as needed, the size of the place keeps increasing in the same proportion.
            If you are residing in the city then get the Shop Act license and if you are in rural area then get a No Objection Certificate from your municipal authority. If you are having trouble in registration, seek the help of a chartered accountant or business consultant.

Note: - Please consult any professional before doing any business listed in this website. Every business have certain risks. Website is not responsible for any business listed on website and risks to the viewers. Such information is provided for information purpose only.