Adhesive Tape (BOPP Tape) Manufacturing Business

Adhesive Tape (BOPP Tape/Cello Tape) Manufacturing Business Idea

Adhesive Tape/BOPP Tape/cello tape Manufacturing Business Idea, Cello Tape Making business startup, The necessity and utility of cello tape, Raw material and machinery
Adhesive Tape (BOPP Tape) Manufacturing Business

Adhesive Tape (BOPP Tape/Cello Tape) Manufacturing Business Idea


            Today, we are going to discuss a small scale industry which is becoming a commodity of the people in the present environment. The name of this small scale industry is Adhesive Tape manufacturing, through which you can start this business anywhere at your convenience and can also earn profits in the same proportion according to the cost of your capital. For this, it is necessary that you read this article with great diligence, so that you can know how to start this business, how, where, how much and how to get the raw material to start the business. Which methods can be used to earn maximum profit even when putting minimum cost in business.

The necessity and utility of Adhesive Tape, at a glance

          The present time, which is full of disaster and busyness for the person, where the person is passing from one place to another while doing third to third and fourth to fourth, in such a time, the usefulness and relevance of this Adhesive Tape mandatory. The reason for this is that when a person transfers to another place, he has to pack his goods and Adhesive Tape plays a very important role in this packing process. Large cartoons are easily closed with the same Adhesive Tape in the blink of an eye, which proves to be crooked for other devices. Adhesive Tape is used fiercely in gift items, bouquets of flowers, educational activities such as pasting pictures by children in files etc. Ignoring the role of Adhesive Tape on occasions like marriage, marriage, birthday etc. will prove to be very expensive. Whether grooming the groom's car, decorating the wedding pavilion for the bride, beautification with flags, skirting, natural or artificial flowers from place to place, all these tasks seem impossible without Adhesive Tape. In addition, the use of Adhesive Tape on bare and cut electrical wires is sufficient to prove its importance. In the field of medicine, Adhesive Tape makes an important contribution to moving the bundles of medicines from one place to another. If we look at the demand for Adhesive Tape, then its demand is quite good in the market. Adhesive Tape is an item that is used in almost every home, shop and office. Therefore, if someone opens the business of making Adhesive Tapes, then he can benefit greatly from it. At the same time how to start this business and you can get important information related to this business by reading this article.

Adhesive Tape manufacturing business Idea in India

      The Adhesive Tape business is also similar to other businesses. To start this business, you will also need machines and tape making materials. By purchasing these two things, you will start your business and take your first step. You will easily get the material related to this business in the market.

  you can do other packaging material manufacturing business along with this business.

Raw material for Adhesive Tape business

     Many types of materials are used to make tapes and most of these materials are synthetic. To make tape, you need things like cellulose, oil, cotton, natural gas. Cellulose acetate and a synthetic derivative of cellulose are used to make tapes and these are made from wood pulp or cotton seeds. At the same time, if you talk about the value of these materials, then you will get these materials at wholesale prices in the wholesale market.

Machinery required for the business of Adhesive Tape

1- Core Cutting Machine
2- long log of paper made like round pipe
3- A bundle of gummed tape
4- BOPP tape cutting machine
                You can purchase these machines from there by making contact with the companies that manufacture the above mentioned machines of making Adhesive Tape. In this way you will be able to get machines at cheap and reasonable prices. If you want to start your business on a small scale, you will only need one machine. On the other hand, if you want to open this business on a large scale, then you should have two to five machines. As far as obtaining raw materials is concerned, You can pick up these items from the market, otherwise you can also do online purchases by searching in Google, which will be very favourable.

Legal Requirements related to the business of Adhesive Tape

      Before starting your business, get it registered. While registering, you will need documents like PAN card, Aadhaar card, Voter id card. So if you do not have these documents, then get them made. First of all, get your small industry registered or do it yourself in industry-based data. This registration is completely free and at the same time get the GST number by registering in Goods Tax i.e. GST so that any problem about legal formalities after starting the industry will be prevented. Get your hands ready for your business and get a reliable receipt. Also, think of a good name for your company. The name by which your company will be known among the people.

Adhesive Tape manufacturing process by machine

      With the help of the machine, the first thing to do is to make raw, cellulose from the pulp or cotton seeds. After raw cellulose has been formed, you get triacetate by adding acetic acid and acetic anhydride to it. The triacetate material is then converted to cellulose acetate with the help of a mixture of chemicals and water. Cellulose acetate is heated and all moisture has been removed from it. After which it is mix with a plastic forming material and as a result cellulose acetate forms the plastic pellets. The pellets are then melted, forming a very thin plastic layer and the thickness of this layer is greatly reduced. Therefore, by mixing five layers together, they are thickened. By doing this, the upper part of the tape will be prepared. The next stage of this process, in that step glue is made for the tape. To make glue, you must use synthetic polymer chemicals. Gum is prepared with the help of this chemical. The next and last stage, in that phase, the help of the machine combines the things received in the first and second phase together, so that you get a tape. After which, with the help of the machine, they are wrapped in a roll and in this way, a tape is prepared.

Method and procedure of manufacture of Adhesive Tape

  1. Under the Adhesive Tape manufacturing process, with the help of a core cutting machine, we first cut the size of the size or size of the Adhesive Tape will be made from the paper log.
  2. Then attach the chopped paper cores to the designated location in the BOPP machine.
  3. The core of the width of the width of tapes we need to be set in the machine.
  4. After this, on the other side of the machine, install a bundle of gum tapes in a convenient manner at the designated place.
  5. Then turn the machine on. In this process, we will see there are three different types of switches or buttons on the board of the machine, one button to make the machine come on, the other to slow down or speed up the machine and the third to shut down the machine. For
  6. In addition, we have to fix the number of meters of tape bundles in advance in the machine, so that after producing the required amount of tape, the machine automatically stops making tape. With the help of this machine, we can easily make bundles of tape of half inch, one inch, two inches, three inches etc. wide sizes.
  7. Bundles of tape made in this form can be easily landed in local markets by packing in strong polythene, plastic packets or paper bags and can earn huge profits in a short time.

Taking precautions while making Adhesive Tape

  • Use chemicals carefully - Many types of chemicals are used during tape making. Therefore, it is important that you take special care of yourself and your employees' safety during the tape making process.
  • Keep away from fire - Not only this, keep the chemicals used in making tape away from things like fire. Because such things may come in contact with fire. And when this happens, you may suffer a lot.
  • Take care of Adhesive Tape machines - At the same time, the machines used in this work are very large amount. Therefore, let only those people who know how to use the machine.
  • Get the machine serviced on time - Do not forget to get your machine serviced from time to time, because by not doing so, your machine can get damaged soon. You have to pay a little to get the machine serviced.

Adhesive Tape packing -

      The next most important task is packaging and labeling your tape. You will need cartoon boxes to pack the tape. Therefore, you should contact a merchant who makes cardboard boxes and get these boxes made according to your needs. Apart from this, make sure to write the name of your company under your tape.

Employee Selection

       You have to hire some employees for this business. While selecting employees, give the same job to those people who have little knowledge of such business or they have done such a work before.

Space required for business.

       Before starting any business, starting that business from some place is an important decision. So when you choose a place for your business, then take a good look at the facilities like electricity, water, transport at that place. If the place you liked has all these facilities at that place, then you start your business from that place. At the same time, if you are taking a place on rent, then know all the information related to the rent.

Adhesive Tape marketing

         After starting your business, you also need to pay attention to its promotion. To promote your business, you can entrust this responsibility to someone else. Which can promote your company using different promotional mediums. If you do not have the budget to get your company promoted, then you can promote your company on your own.

Adhesive Tape budget (Cost of setup business)

       While preparing your business budget, add every amount of expenditure to it. Because many times you do not pay attention to small expenses and later the money will be reduced for these expenses. Apart from this, if you do not have much money to start this business, then you can take money in the form of loan from any verified bank. Up to seven lakh rupees ($10000 USD) will have required to start this business.

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